Swollen feet

swollen feet remedy


Noticeable swelling in the hands, feet, legs, and ankles is commonly known as edema, which is a medical term for a condition caused when water and fluids are retained in the body's tissues. Individuals who suffer from edema may experience swelling in one of these locations or more than one. But what happens when a person has edema?

The most noticeable symptom of edema is swelling, which appears as puffy and often stretched skin. With edema, you can poke your finger into the swollen area for a few seconds, and the skin will not return to its normal state. Instead, it will form a kind of dimple that stays in place for several seconds or more.

Edema itself is not a disease or a medical condition. Rather, it is an indicator of an underlying disorder. Usually, these disorders are fairly routine and easy to diagnose and treat. In some instances, edema can be the result of a more serious medical condition that warrants immediate attention, such as kidney failure, heart failure, or liver failure. The good news is that these cases are rare, but it is still important to get checked out right away if you have edema.

Some of the more common or "routine" causes of edema include surgeries, sitting in one position for too long, pregnancy, or even an insect bite! For people who are experiencing edema as a result of a more common cause, there are safe and simple methods that they can use to deal with edema. Swell No More is America's #1 diuretic anti-inflammatory. All it takes is two supplements a day to get rid of swollen feet. Seriously, if you suffer from swollen feet, swollen ankles, swollen legs, or swollen hands, then you owe it to yourself to try our amazing product.

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December 16, 2019 — Amanda Simone