Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

We all are going to deal with inflammation at some point. Inflammation occurs because our body is fighting against an invasion or an infection, or it falsely assumes one is there. This can cause your body to create an anti-inflammatory response which can cause the body to become swollen and cause irritation and.or pain. 

What causes inflammation?

It can be numerous reasons from certain diseases, to a recent injury, to being around pollution or toxins. As we age our bodies are also getting more fragile so those triggers that lead to inflammation can happen more often. 

How to help the body with inflammation

Instead of simply taking prescription medications, its best to starts with a healthy diet and lifestyle, which means eating healthy, working out and drinking lots of water. A lot of different factors can cause inflammation and we don’t want a simple one such as an unhealthy lifestyle to make it worse. 

Eating a healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients is a great way to be proactive in fighting and keeping inflammation at bay.  Getting enough anti-inflammatory foods in your body such as tomatoes, olive oil, berries, and greens can help fight inflammation. In fact, you can find a printable list of anti-inflammatory foods here. 

On top of that, it's important to consume the appropriate amount of Vitamin D. A deficiency in Vitamin D in studies has been linked to  inflammation in healthy women. 

It may come across as obvious but also make sure to consume ample amounts of water throughout the day. This is one of the best ways to tackle inflammation issues as your cleansing your body and ridding your body of toxins. Green tea can also help fight inflammation. 

It's not just about combatting inflammation, but painful swollen areas as well. 

Sometimes you try everything. You eat healthy and maintain your weight through physical activities and working out, but the inflammation just doesnt go away. Ibuprofen can help take inflammation down. But Ibuprofen is a temporary solution that won't  provide long-lasting relief.

Consider taking the #1 Anti-Inflammatory Supplement; SwellNoMore. This is a great way to boost the body's natural healing abilities since it contains many anti-inflammatory herbs such as Turmeric, Bromelain, Quercitin, Piperine and Rutin:

  • Curcumin – helps promote heart health and is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant
  • Bromelain – helps to reduce pain and swelling, especially around the nose, sinus, and gums.
  • Quercitin – Another powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant plant that reduces swelling and controls blood sugar
  • Piperine – great to combat those chronic diseases with anti-inflammatory properties and fighting insulin resistance
  • Rutin – helps promote blood circulation and combat inflammation from osteoarthritis.

On top of these five extremely effective and all-natural compounds, there are a dozen additional natural compounds within Swell No More that help with a myriad of other things, including Green Tea which is full of anti-oxidants to help fight aging and rid the body of toxins. Dandelion which can help reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, lower blood pressure, aid in weight loss and promote liver health. Uva Ursi helps to cleanse the urinary tract, has been used to treat diabetes, relieve allergies and also can help to reduce blood pressure. It also contains Piperine, which can help improve brain function, improve blood sugar control, may fight cancer among other things. On top of that SwellNoMore still contains 8 more herbs that can help reduce swelling and inflammation as well as help with many other things that we aren't even touching on here. To get the full list of SwellNoMore diuretic anti-inflammatory and healing ingredients you can visit the SwellNoMore's research and ingredients page.  These natural ingredients reduce water retention as well as edema swelling.

The ingredients in SwellNoMore's can also provide some natural pain relief since it contains Bromelain, Turmeric, Ginger and Boswellia Serrata which have been shown to have natural pain relief characteristics. 

SwellNoMore is a fantastic supplement that made in the USA  and is much more effective than topical creams. After all topical creams are only absorbed through the surface, which doesn't always address the underlying inflammation problem which can be better managed through the digestive tract. 

Topical treatments won't help get at the deeper cause of the problem and can end up doing very little to  reduce inflammation and/or swelling. 

Why not just take over-the-counter medicine?

As discussed above, a common anti-inflammatory medicine is ibuprofen, which can help to reduce inflammation. It is purely chemical and you dont want to take it for extended periods of time, unless directed by your doctor and also ibuprofen only works only for the short term. It doesn't offer any types of natural herbs or vitamins that can help your body get rid of excessive inflammation for good. 


What to do next

Hopefully with the New Year at hand, you are already focused on a healthier and more active lifestyle, SwellNoMore being the #1 anti-inflammatory supplement can help boost your immune system and help regulate water balance and fight inflammation throughout your body, hopefully providing you the long term solution you have been looking for. 

If you have been struggling with swelling and inflammation for awhile, definitely try SwellNoMore, the customer testimonials are lifechanging, it starts promoting a proper response to inflammation immediately. Let SwellNoMore be the answer you have been looking for, like it has has been for so many others. 

January 31, 2022 — Amanda Simone