Managing Swelling After Surgery

As many people know all too well, swelling after surgery can be one of the most frustrating aspects of the healing process. Swelling can last anywhere from 2-3 weeks to 3-6 months! 

Most individuals do not have the time to take 3-6 months away from a potential job, and other important aspects of their life. Although necessary to the healing process, post-op swelling is one of the most infuriating aspects of recovery due to the slowness, and often pain associated with swelling

What causes post-op swelling?

Swelling post surgery occurs for a number of reasons. Swelling is the automatic response to injury, as a rush of cells and nutrients go to the area to start repairing it. This is referred to by doctors as the inflammatory phase. The inflammatory phase is a key aspect for post-op healing as nutrients and cells are needed to quickly repair the damaged area and fix what the body thinks are injuries from the surgery.

How can I  heal post-op swelling?

It is recommended by a majority of doctors to ice the area to reduce swelling and keep it elevated. However, if the area remains swollen for extended periods of time it is recommended to reduce one's sodium intake whilst simultaneously improving overall diet, and increasing water intake. By increasing water intake, the body also tends to retain it more and causes an influx of unwanted water retention. Using SwellNoMore will reduce swelling and all of the associated pains of swelling, whilst also ensuring there is no excess water retention. SwellNoMore also provides individuals with a variety of vitamins and nutrients instead of a steroid base, which the body needs as much of the produced nutrients go to the area the body deems injured.



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July 08, 2021 — Danelle White