Swollen Feet Natural & Medical Causes Explained


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Swollen feet can be a natural thing, or it can be a sign something serious is wrong. Things that can cause swollen feet include flying, being on your feet all day, taking certain medications, pregnancy or caring extra weight around, high sodium levels or an injury, PMS, those items are not cause for concern other than to put your feet up often, heal your injury, cut back on sodium or lose weight; things you have control over.


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However, there are also causes of swollen feet that are serious health risks and which of course you will want to visit your doctors immediately just to make sure you are okay. If you are swelling is severe or doesn’t seem to go down after a few days or is associated with pain (besides normal wear and tear or injury pain} then it could be a sign that your feet are swollen because you might be experience a medical condition. Some conditions that cause swollen feet include blood clots, Kidney, heart or Liver disease or failure, Venous Insufficiency (blood is having a hard time flowing), radiation treatments or problems with your lymphatic system (Lymphedema).




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If Swollen Feet Get Worse 



So keep an eye on the swelling, know your body and if for any reason your swollen feet do not go down, gets worse or are associated with pain, then there is nothing wrong with taking a trip to the doctors to make sure your swollen feet are on their way back to health. To learn more about swollen feet click here for how to cure swollen feet fast  !



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