swelling expectations versus reality what to expect

Swelling: Expectation Versus Reality: What To Expect

How Long Does Swelling Last?


Swelling can be temporary or it can be chronic, it can be from something as simple as getting older, to something far more serious such as organ failure. Which is why it is so important to visit your doctor early on to see what is causing the swelling. Sometimes, however, just like other things in life, the doctor cannot figure out what is causing the swelling. There are many things that can cause swelling, bad circulation, not moving around enough, airplanes can cause edema swelling, internal organ problems, heart disease/failure, an old surgery where the swelling just never subsided, an old injury where the swelling just never subsided, some prescription medications, including some blood pressure medications can have side effects of water retention and swelling, unhealthy eating and or drinking habits can cause swelling, particularly eye edema, puffy eyes, bags under the eyes all can be caused too much alcohol, too much sodium, lack of sleep and even gluten.


So what to expect? You probably guessed it. Everyone is different. For people whose swelling is not caused by a serious underlying medical condition, swelling can go away quickly on its own with a little movement, for other people the swelling will be harder to get rid of. Some people will give up and the swelling will never go away. The best thing you can do, is to keep trying different things until you find what works best for you to reduce the swelling. The expectation is we all want the swelling to go away right now, the reality is to get rid of swelling, sometimes, it takes a little research, practice and trying different things, until we finally find something  that brings down the swelling and gets rid of the swelling once and for all. So keep a positive outlook, start doing some research and definitely try SwellNoMore to reduce edema and other types of swelling. It works for many and had a great money back guarantee. Some people get so swollen there standard of life changes. Eat healthy, be healthy and try SwellNoMore Today! 



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 The Next Big Thing In Pitting Edema 

Bad Signs In Edema: Pitting


Lets start by saying that there is no cure for Edema, or pitting edema for that matter, however this does not mean you cannot cure yourself from edema or swelling. In case you dont know what pitting edema is it is what happens when you have severe swelling or edema and you press on the skin and it sort or leaves a dimple. Now, having a cure, is medically defined as after a medical treatment the patient no longer has a medical condition. However just because there is no cure for edema does not mean that you cannot manage it. Edema can cause swelling anywhere, bags under the eyes, swelling hands, or swelling in the arms, swollen feet, swollen legs, swollen ankles, fluid retention can happen anywhere. When swelling or noticeable water retention happens, the first step of course is to visit the doctor to see what is causing the swelling. Many times with edema and swelling it can be caused by allergies, or the doctor might not be able to diagnose it. When this happens, it is best to keep trying different things, until you find what works for you. Never give up, if there is something causing the swelling, there is a solution. 

Lately, in regards to pitting edema, per Harvard Health, more serious cases of edema results in the pitting edema. The next big thing in pitting edema treatment is SwellNoMore. Does SwellNoMore work for everyone? Of course it does not, but it does work for a lot of people and can help treat edema as well as pitting edema. SwellNoMore has changed lives, it has helped people who were so swollen it was painful to walk or they couldn't walk, and it transformed them and allowed the pain and swelling to go away in some cases and in others the swelling went way down. SwellNoMore also has a great money back guaranty so if for any reason you are not satisfied you can find the return policy here .


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Compression Socks For Swelling

When it comes to swelling, the fastest way to reduce the swelling is usually the best but it is not always comfortable or a permanent way to reduce edema or swelling. Compression socks come in a variety of sizes and the quickest way to determine which size you need, is by measuring the size of your calf and your ankle and buy according to those dimensions. If you take 2 SwellNoMore pills to reduce swelling you might not need to wear your compression socks for long. SwellNoMore is a natural pill that reduces swelling and some people see results within a few days (results may vary obviously everyone has different bodies and different reasons for edema and swelling). SwellNoMore has been proven to reduce swollen legs, swollen feet, swollen ankles and other forms of body swelling. That being said, you may choose to wear your compression socks to keep the swelling at bay, until SwellNoMore begins to do its magic, and reduce that swelling from the inside. 

You can wear compression socks for swelling all day or just for a few hours at a time, whatever is most comfortable and works best for you. That being said, you should remove compression socks before bed. Compression socks will feel tight on you but should not be so tight they are painful. Sometimes putting on compression socks can be a little tricky because they are smaller than your average sock to help reduce water retention and swelling. Some tricks include using baby powder to make the sock slide on easier and it can also help to turn them inside out before putting them on. You can purchase compression socks on amazon and if you want to get rid of swelling for good you can purchase SwellNoMore here : ) As always eat healthy, try to avoid processed food, try and follow an anti-inflammatory food plan, limit alcohol and too much sodium to help keep swelling at bay. 

February 18, 2021 — Kenneth Simon