5 Keys To Managing Your Water Weight

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Water Weight & Water Retention

It has definitely been a rough year for everyone and more and more Americans are desperate for things to do during 2020 and the Coronavirus pandemic. In fact, since there really isn't a lot open currently a lot more people than normal are struggling with water retention, fluid retention and the like. 

What happens when we retain fluids? We swell and our inflammatory response ignites. Whether this is causing swollen feet, swollen hands or just plain swelling everywhere there are different key items that can help you manage your water weight while stuck indoors and yes while SwellNoMore is a natural remedy that helps eliminate water retention we will get to that one later. 



#1 Exercise To Reduce Water Retention

For now, I want to focus on exercise. I know, you  knew that one already. Well just because we are stuck indoors 90% of the time, doesn't mean we cant do leg lifts in the middle of Queens Gambit. In case, you don't know about Queens Gambit, it is a Netflix Chess series that is breaking records and a must watch!! ( Can't wait for season 2!!) Anyways, back to the excersize, I noticed what was working for me, was not committing to a certain number of leg lifts but instead deciding to stop whenever I wanted I just had to start. Even 2-5 minutes a day, I could tell my body was changing. Not only does this help your body tone up, but it also improves circulation which increases fluid movement :)   
#2 Drink Electrolytes To Reduce Water Retention

Everyone loves Cool Aid Right? Well, Sometimes Gatorade is even better! And... way healthier. As we all know Gatorade contains electrolytes. Our bodies cells use Electrolytes to send electric impulses throughout the body and they also help regulate our water balance. When trying to avoid or fight fluid retention, it is important to make sure your electrolytes are just right, in other words, not too high or too low in terms of levels. If the electrolytes are too high or too low it can cause water retention and/or swelling. 
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#3 See a Doctor When Water Weight Becomes A Problem

 Sometimes it is just better to get to a old fashioned doctor. Not sure what is causing a rise in water weight, or some swelling around the ankles, make a quick call and get checked out. Always better to be safe than sorry. 
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#4 Physical Therapy To Reduce Water Retention or Edema


Physical Therapy can be a monumental part of balancing out our internal fluid balance. When water retention becomes severe sometimes getting physical therapy can help to push extra fluids back towards the heart to get it circulating again. This is done when a physical therapist firmly strokes the affected area to help ease the fluid back into circulation. And of course, as many of us are familiar with they will probably recommend the RICE formula. No you cannot order this at your local restaurant. Lol. Rice method involves resting, cooling, compressing and elevating the swollen area or the area retaining the water. 
how does physical therapy reduces water retention
#5 Try An Herbal Powerful Natural Diuretic To Reduce Water Retention

Swellnomore contains 17 Natural Ingredients which can be viewed here on the SwellNoMore Research & Ingredients pageThe formulation took over five years to research and develop, including research by world renowned doctors from Stanford University and UCLA - and is backed by hundreds of scientific research studies on the proven effectiveness of SwellNoMore's ingredient.
SwellNoMore's ingredients have natural diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties which helps reduce water retention, swelling and inflammation. Most other diuretics have only 2-5 ingredients which makes SwellNoMore the most powerful natural diuretic on the market. It is also Doctor trusted, made in the USA and comes with a good money guarantee. 
So try these methods and see what works best for you, but remember to stay hydrated, eat healthy and get some exercise so not only you feel your best, but your body is its best.   



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