What Causes Swollen Feet


causes swollen feet and how to stop it

What causes swollen feet? Foot swelling often occurs fairly suddenly, and this could be the result of an injury or damaged ligaments or tendons. The cause of your swollen feet can also stem from damaged joints or inflammatory issues. Additionally, you might have gout if you are experiencing swollen feet unexplainably. Gout involves a chemical in the blood known as uric acid. Your blood's uric acid levels can elevate for various reasons, and you might wake up one morning with a big, swollen foot, having not done any activities or having no known reason for it.

These are the types of causes that are common with sudden foot swelling or the result of an injury, and again, foot swelling is very common. Still, if you are experiencing any of these conditions or symptoms, then you should see a podiatrist as soon as possible. This way, you can say if the cause of your foot swelling is something simple or something more serious, such as a fracture, a ligament tear, a tendon tear, or gout.

Other Causes of Swollen Feet

Sometimes, people will experience swelling in just one foot or on both feet, and this may or may not be accompanied by swelling in the hands, which is commonly a sign of arthritis. Again, the key is to get it checked out. In the meantime, if your foot swelling is related to water retention or inflammatory issue, we encourage you to try a bottle of Swell No More. A lot of people have found relief from swollen feet with Swell No More. Check out some of its reviews.

Aside from the causes of swelling that we have covered so far, there is also a condition known as chronic swelling. Chronic swelling is persistent or unremitting swelling where you have had it checked out by a specialist, but you still have the swelling occurring. Chronic swelling might be caused by reasons such as veins in your legs that aren't working properly. When the veins are not working properly, you retain fluids, and gravity pulls those fluids down into your feet and ankles. Be sure to get checked for that, and if that is the cause of your feet swelling, then we can refer you to the appropriate physicians to treat it.

There are also other kinds of swelling that can stem from problems with your kidneys, such as if you have heart problems, problems with your blood pressure, lung problems, and other medical problems. In those conditions, you would need to see your primary care physician to be treated. In turn, this type of swelling can reduce.

Try Swell No More for Swollen Feet

In any case, foot swelling is not normal, and if you are experiencing swelling in either one or both of your feet, then you should have it checked out by foot and ankle specialist. If you would like to learn more about what causes swollen feet, be sure to read more on our website, or try a bottle of Swell No More.



December 16, 2019 — Amanda Simone