Supplements For Swollen Feet


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 Causes Swollen Feet

There are many ways to reduce swollen feet, from icing them, to raising them, massaging them, exercising to increase circulation, staying off of them, draining them, wearing compression socks to keep the swelling at bay. Different causes of swelling are going to have different treatments. First, it is best to determine the cause of the swelling, so you know how best to treat it. The truth is there are a lot of serious medical conditions that can cause swollen feet, but there are more natural causes of feet swelling as well, including getting older and a decrease in our bodies ability to circulate fluids. These natural pills help reduce swollen feet. 

Treatment Swollen Feet

One of the best natural ways to cure swollen feet is from the inside by taking supplements that reduce swollen feet. Below you will find a list of supplements and water pills that are excellent for reducing swollen feet. The best supplement to reduce swollen feet is without a doubt is SwellNoMore as it contains 17 natural diuretic and anti-inflammatory ingredients, but we will go into more detail on why that is below as well. Click here if you want the best supplement for swollen feet.

  • Magnesium supplements – Taking 200-400 mgs of magnesium has been shown to reduce not only swelling but inflammation as well. Many multivitamins contain magnesium which is a great way to get some more added into your diet. Dark chocolate, avocados and nuts are another great way to get some more Magnesium into your diet.


  • Natural Water Pills – Most water pills only contain a few ingredients like Magnesium, caffeine and salicylate ( a salt or ester of salicylate acid). Mainly designed to help expel fluid from the body by increasing urine flow. Many times resulting in many a trips to the bathroom throughout the day and night. Also known as Diuretics.  There are also prescription water pills (diuretics) and if you want to read more about those you can read about them here. Prescription diuretics should try to be avoided since of course like most prescriptions they can have some serious side effects


  • Researched and formulated by doctors, SwellNoMore contains 17 powerful natural ingredients that are both diuretic and anti-inflammatory in nature, including Turmeric, Magnesium, Juniper Berry, Dandelion Root, Buchu Leaf, Bromelain, Piperine, Hydrangea and the list goes on. Click here to view all the natural ingredients. These ingredients work together to increase circulation, expel unwanted retained fluids and fight water retention & inflammation to reduce swelling fast. Clinical studies have been done on all 17 ingredients to ensure the best formulation so that people don’t have to rely on pharmaceuticals to reduce bodily swelling. The goal was to create something that works for the highest number of people possibly. Nutritional Solutions has done just that by creating this product for the masses. Many repeat customers, great customer service and a product that works is why SwellNoMore has been rated #1 by its customers 9 year in a row! 


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