What Your Body Is Telling You When It Is Swelling

What Your Body Is Telling You When It Is Swelling


Your body parts starting to swell can be scary to say the least. Below we are going to go over the different body parts and what it can or may mean when they start to get puffy or swollen. We are talking about not only mild swelling but also severe swelling. We will also talk about the best home treatment to reduce edema swelling, swollen feet, swollen legs, swollen ankles and other body parts that are swollen. 


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Lets start at the top of the body and move all the way down. 

Puffy Eyes & Bags Under Eyes 

Things that can cause Puffy eyes, bags under eyes include aging as the tissue around the eyes to get weaker and thus sag, Allergies can cause the eyes to get puffy and for this you can try using Flonase, a nasal allergy spray. Alcohol causes dehydration and that can make your eyes puffy (especially alcohol in excess), once alcohol causes puffy bags under your eyes, it can be hard to reverse, for this you can try SwellNoMore as many people use it to get rid of bags under the eyes so they dont have to do eye bag surgery.  Kidney disease can cause puffy eyes, if your kidneys are leaking a large amount of protein into the urine that means they are not filtering as well as they should and puffy eyes are a result of this. Dehydration can cause puffy eyes as well as an imbalance between potassium and sodium or too much sodium in general can cause eyes to appear puffy. And unfortunately, puffy eyes could just be bad circulation, water retention / fluid retention from getting older.  In other words, your body swelling, including swollen puffy eyes, can also be a sign of aging and circulation not being as good as it used to be and your eyes are retaining fluids. The best treatment for puffy eyes and to get rid of bags under eyes is SwellNoMore it has natural diuretics and anti inflammatories that help reduce swelling and inflammation of the surrounding tissue.


Swollen Arms & Swollen Hands

Another common type of swelling. The most common type of swelling in the hands or swelling in the arms is caused by lymphedema, so it would be worth it to get checked out for that if you notice some severe swelling going on. other causes of swelling in the arm hand extremities can be caused by being overweight, ingesting too much sodium, edema and fluid retention, temperature change of your surroundings, as mentioned lymphedema, cancer and cancer treatments, medication, poor circulation, and just plain old fluid retention from getting older. 

Bloated Belly & Stomach Edema

We have all dealt with a bloated belly at some point in our lives. We look down, and no we are not pregnant but it sure looks and feels like it. Bloating in the belly could be simply that or it could also be stomach edema, or swelling caused by water retention in the belly. Things that can cause bloating include too much sodium, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, overeating, gas or air stuck in the intestines, food or drink Intolerance, Pancreatitis ( a serious condition in which digestive enzymes start digesting the pancreas), fluid retention, or an Imbalance or overgrowth of bad bacteria in the gut.


Swelling in your abdomen, stomach edema and also referred to as abdominal edema, can be very serious and can be caused by congestive heart failure, abdominal distention, pancreatitis, ascites, underactive thyroid, tuberculosis and lactose intolerance. 


Swollen Legs or Swollen Calves

ouch!! Swollen Legs can look and feel so bad. Swelling, edema also referred to as oedema can get so severe not only in legs, but other also other places in the body that fluids oozes out from the pressure and the inability of the body to retain the fluids. Things that can cause swelling in the legs include  bad circulation, edema or oedema, fluid retention, medications,  aging, varicose veins, Infections, heart failure and lymphedema

If you start experiencing any new swelling, whether mild or severe, it is always best to go to your doctors to get the swelling checked out to make sure you are okay. Once you have done that, you can start looking for treatments to reduce swelling. SwellNoMore has 17 natural ingredients and is the best natural over the counter home treatment to reduce puffy eyes, bloating, edema swelling, swollen feet, swollen legs, swollen arms, swollen ankles and swollen calves fast. Trust the doctors. Trust swellnomore to cure swelling for good. The best otc remedy for swelling.  


Swollen Feet And Swollen Ankles

Swollen feet and or swollen ankles is the the most common type of swelling after puffy eyes, and can be caused by a variety of factors including, edema, injury, surgery, swollen feet in the elderly is very common and is caused by just getting older, water retention in the feet, poor circulation, medications can cause swelling, or sitting or standing for prolonged periods. Serious conditions causing swollen feet and ankles include major organ disease, blood clots, venous insufficiency ( stasis which is blood pooling or retaining in the veins), Lymphedema (blockage of the lymphatic system), Cancer and radiation treatments. 


SwellNoMore is the best remedy to reduce swelling fast & naturally.. Guaranteed! Try it today and see for yourself why SwellNoMore is #1.


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