Arthritis, Swelling & Joint Inflammation

Arthritis and joint inflammation are two very painful and frustrating conditions that impact not only older people, but young people as well. This can be very debilitating in individuals, especially younger individuals as it impacts almost every aspect of life and can make it much harder to do simple tasks required to function in everyday life. 

Causes of arthritis and joint inflammation

As people grow older, there tends to be a build up of fluid and tissue surrounding joints, which causes arthritis, swelling and joint inflammation. 

This increase in build up around joints may also be caused by an injury, or series of injuries pertained by the individual. This is caused by a rush of cells and nutrients to the area to help with healing, and are then built up and unable to deteriorate once used. 

Joint inflammation and arthritis is often seen in young people due to repetitive motion from jobs. The repetitive motion causes joints to become stiffer, and to not move as well. Due to little other joint motion, the muscles that are not used grow weak, causing the used muscles to become inflamed.

How to fix arthritis and joint inflammation 

Joint inflammation can often be soothed with ice, and exercises that allow the other muscles to be used and not to deteriorate. This prevents build of cells and nutrients trying to prevent muscle deterioration and inflammation.  

Compression tools are also quite beneficial as they warm up the skin and increase blood flow to the area. By doing this, swelling can be reduced and even potentially prevented. Swelling and joint pain can also be reduced by using SwellNoMore, as it contains vitamins that the body isn’t able to produce itself. By introducing these vitamins the body is able to send nutrients to the swollen area and reduce build up of older nutrients that never decomposed.