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Is Chronic Inflammation Bad for You?

What are Some Calming Anti-inflammatory Foods You Can Eat?

The good news is, certain foods can promote calmness and help with inflammation. Anti-inflammatory Calming Nutrients include: You Can find a full list of anti-inflammatory foods here. You should also be aware of foods that could increase stress and inflammation. Pro-inflammatory foods are..

Arthritis and Joint Inflammation

Arthritis and Joint Inflammation

Arthritis and joint inflammation are two very painful and frustrating conditions that impact not only older people, but young people as well. This can be very debilitating in individuals, especially younger individuals as it impacts almost every aspect of life and can make it much harder to do simple tasks required to function in everyday life. 
Natural Water Pill - Reviews

Natural Water Pill - Reviews

So, what is a natural water pill and why is it so important as it relates to edema? You would think that the last thing you want if you are suffering from edema is a water pill, since it sounds like it contains water, but it actually helps to eliminate extra fluid from your body. Fluid that can cause swelling, stretching,  breaking of the skin and irritation. Water Pills can be...
Turmeric For Epididymitis

Turmeric For Epididymitis

As you can see Turmeric is an important herb to ingest daily and can help in many areas of everyday life. When it comes to Turmeric for Epididymitis the benefits are endless. Turmeric reduces inflammation throughout the body including any inflammation in the pelvic region, since it also can behave as a natural analgesic or natural pain killer. Turmeric is even better absorbed with Black Pepper Extract ( aka Bioperine) since it has been proven to enhance the bioavailability of Turmeric, in other words, it is better absorbed into the circulatory system.
Supplements For Swollen Feet

Supplements For Swollen Feet

One of the best natural ways to cure swollen feet is from the inside by taking supplements that reduce swollen feet. Below you will find a list of supplements and water pills that are excellent for reducing swollen feet. The best supplement to reduce swollen feet is without a doubt is SwellNoMore as it contains 17 natural diuretic and anti-inflammatory ingredients, but we will go into more detail on why that is below as well.
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Best Foods to Eat to Fight Swelling & Inflammation

Best Foods to Eat to Fight Swelling & Inflammation   Let’s start by going over what inflammation is and why it can lead to swelling. Inflammation is basically your body...
Anti-Aging Product Reviews For Puffy Eyes

Anti-Aging Product Reviews For Puffy Eyes

 Anti-Aging Product Reviews For Puffy Eyes   We have updated our best anti-aging products and if you scroll down you will see some of the winnters. This time, we really...
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Essential oils to reduce inflammation include Hemp Oil also known as Cannabis oil, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, German Chamomile, Spruce oil, Tamanu, Thyme, Clove, Rose, Fennel, Yarrow, Marjoram and Bergamot oils. 
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Natural Diuretic for Edema Legs, Ankles & Feet

Natural Diuretic for Edema Legs, Ankles & Feet     I want to share an incredible dietary supplement that changed my life. I used to be a semi pro golfer...
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How to Reduce Swelling

  How to Reduce Swelling     Swelling is an uncomfortable body reaction that is supposed to help us fight infection, but sometimes it becomes a significant problem and may...
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Inflammation And Swelling

Inflammation and Swelling  What is inflammation? Inflammation is one of the ways our body protects itself against infections, diseases, and effects of injuries. As one of the inflammatory responses, our body...
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Reduce Swelling From Edema Naturally - Reduce Swollen Feet, Swollen Legs & Ankles

What is edema? Edema, commonly also referred to as Oedema, is the swelling of the body and it happens when small blood vessels leak fluid into tissues in different areas of the body and becomes trapped there. It can happen anywhere in your body including your eyes, legs, ankles, arms, brain, lungs, stomach, feet, etc. It can be very scary to say the least...