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Lets start by realizing, that there are hundreds of so-called ‘remedies’ for puffy eyes floating around the Internet. Well below, we have 18 healthy tips/habits that will help you lose the puffy eyes for good. It seems that almost every day someone is posting a new blog or YouTube video about: How to get rid of puffy eyes or get rid of puffy eyes naturally and even home remedies for swollen eyes. 

The fact of the matter is that almost all of these home remedies are urban myths. But it also seems that people like to fabricate new urban myths simply for web recognition. If you want to know how to cure them for good, then see our list of 18 ways to cure puffy eyes and bags under eyes permanently below! 

How to get rid of puffy eyes

We are going to set the story straight about the true remedies and work and the nonsense that make absolutely no sense.

Urban Myths OR NOT ?!

How To Get Rid Of Eye Bags With Spoons


Coming in hot here! Or should we say extremely cold? 

We really want to say that getting rid of eye bags with spoons is an urban myth and... it mostly is! We all know swollen eye bags are no fun and while cold spoons dont get rid of them completely, they can help reduce under eye swelling and/or puffy eyes! Let us explain. First eye bags can be terrible and most likely if you are not an elderly person there is possibly something in your life that might be causing those unsightly under eye puffs. Carefully navigate through your daily consumptions, environment, medications and check your allergies. Back to the spoon. First place the metal spoon in the freezer for at least 5-10 minutes, and if you are dealing with bags under both eyes, then put two spoons in the freezer. One eye at a time, place the cold spoon right on the eye bag and gently press, this will help to alleviate the puffiness under the eye, it is not going to get rid of them but it should help. I also love to use green tea bags, again, green tea will not get rid of eye bags but will naturally help to reduce those under eye puffy areas. IF!! you are looking for a permanent solution to help remove those eye bags for good? Then read Arlington's testimonial here and how he got rid of his eye bags by taking a natural supplement. This supplement that gets rid of eye bags is SwellNoMore. Arlington, an elderly man, who resides and was born in NY,  had struggled with under eye bags for years and had tried many or creams and serums but of course nothing topical works. Arlington got lucky and found and used SwellNoMore. It took about 2 months before he started seeing his under eye bags start to be reduced. In the 3rd tp 4th month SwellNoMore got rid of his under eye bags so much, that his eyes are now flat and his friends, and YES his doctor as well all thought he had surgery to remove the puffiness under his eyes. SwellNoMore is a natural diuretic supplement that has 17 ingredients that also help to reduce inflammation throughout the body! So if you are dealing with eye puffiness dont give up and dont let it get you down! Order SwellNoMore Today so you lose the puffy eye bags fast and for good! 



Common urban myths about how to reduce and cure puffy eyes include putting cold spoons on your eyes to reduce the inflammation. It is claimed that the cold steel soothes the skin and reduces the puffiness and swelling. They even claim it will help tighten up the skin and relax the blood vessels. There is no scientific support for these claims but it actually does seem to help a little. Another common remedy is to rest wet tea bags on your eyes to draw out the puffiness. You are supposed to soak tea bags in hot water and then let them cool down, and place them on your eyes for 15 minutes.  Some blogs claim that tea contains anti-irritant properties. This is not true. Tea leaf does contain antioxidants and caffeine; but certainly not anti-irritants. Then, of course there are the potato and cucumber puffy eyes solutions as well. 

Potatoes For Eye Bags

While these solutions do help a little bit with puffy eyes, they certainly do not help a lot, especially if your eyes are extra puffy unfortunately. I have noticed that yes in fact green tea can help calm down irritated under eye puffy areas but I have never tried potatoes for eye bags. That being said, potato and cucumber both contain astringent properties, which means they cause the skin cells to contract and tighten and potatoes also contain vitamin C which helps to reduce puffiness as well. Potatoes also contain Vitamin K which helps reduce blood coagulation. Furthermore, potatoes can also help reduce bags under the eyes because they contain anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties! What do we recommend?! Grab the spoon, the tea bags, and the potatoes to help cure those puffy eyes!  Most importantly however buy a supplement that helps reduce under eye bags from the inside out. SwellNoMore is the #1 natural diuretic anti-inflammatory supplement that will help to reduce that under eye inflammation and fluid retention so you can get rid of those under eye bags for good!! Dont take our word for it! Read Arlington's testimonial here and check out the SwellNoMore reviews. What have you got to lose!? Only eye bags of course!


home remedies for puffy eyes tea bags


Of course we have all heard about the famous chilled cucumbers over the eyes. Not only is this common in blog posts and YouTube, but it was made famous in several movies and television shows. The theory is that the enzymes and astringent properties in cucumbers are anti-inflammatories which help reduce inflammation and swelling. Some blogs even claim they will get rid of wrinkles and tighten the skin. There is absolutely no scientific support for these claims. However, chilled cucumbers do feel nice on swollen eyes and might help a little. 

puffy eyes remedies cucumber on the eyes

Potatoes have been hailed to reduce puffy eyes. It is claimed that the starch in potatoes acts as an anti-inflammatory which reduces the swelling and bags under the eyes. Some claim potatoes also remedy dark circles under the eyes. Unlike cucumbers, you are supposed to grate potatoes, place them in a wet cloth and place the wet cloth full of potato peals over your eyes for 15 minutes. Again, this is absolute nonsense. Potatoes do not contain anti-inflammatory of any significant measure. And even if they did, simply placing them on your skin would not have any material effect on reducing puffiness or swelling. Of all the bogus remedies to cure puffy eyes, Aloe Vera is probably the most credible advice. It does contain antioxidants and vitamin E which are both good for the skin. And when chilled, Aloe does feel soothing on irritated puffy eyes.  But to suggest it will have a meaningful effect on puffy eyes and even keep the wrinkles away has no scientific support whatsoever. Which explains why the Aloe Vera industry is only a fraction of what it was in the 1980s following the hype that it was the cure-all wonder drug.

puffy eyes home remedies aloe vera beauty uses

Some claim that applying strawberries will get rid of puffy eyes. Strawberries contain alpha hydroxy acid which is supposed to make your skin look young. You are supposed to apply strawberry slices on the eyes for 30 minutes. Again, this is simply an urban myth with no proof and at most will be temporary. 

The Truth About How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes & What Causes Them

What these blogs and YouTube videos never tell you is exactly what causes puffy eyes? Unless you understand the true cause of the puffiness and swelling you can never expect to remedy the symptoms. Puffy eyes / Bags Under Eyes are caused by 2 separate conditions:

  1. Retained fluids, and
  2. Inflammation of surrounding tissue.

In order to truly get rid of puffy eyes, you must address both of these conditions. Of course, some situations involve more inflammation, while others involve more retained fluids. But almost invariably, puffy swollen eyes are caused by both of these conditions which originate from within. So, to cure puffy eyes, you must treat the symptoms from within, by eating healthy, drinking lots of water and avoiding smoking and limiting alcohol in moderation, which leads us to our next section. 


18 Ways To Cure Puffy Eyes & Bags Under Eyes For Good. Don't Just Reduce Them Cure Them! 


1. Drink Water! The first and most common remedy is to ensure you are properly hydrated. Drink at least 8 x 8 oz glasses of water a day. It might sound like a lot, but simply leave your glass full and in front of you all day and before you know it you will consume 8 glasses by dinner. If you want to do even better drink half of your body weight in water daily. 

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2. Avoid Sodium! The second simple solution is to cut back on your salt intake. Sodium is high in most processed foods and soups. Read the Supplement Facts and try to limit this unhealthy food group.

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3. Avoid refined sugars and artificial sweeteners which cause massive inflammation and retention of fluids. Avoid table sugar, corn syrup and particularly high-fructose corn syrup.

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4. Gluten found in wheat, rye and barley are common allergens which can cause Inflammation and swelling. Some are more allergic than others, so it is a good idea to eliminate gluten's for a week and see if you notice a difference in the puffiness of your eyes or facial swelling. Gluten can cause puffy eyes, and even a puffy bloated face, especially if you are gluten intolerant or have a gluten allergy. Some celiacs get puffy eyes and or a puffy face after eating gluten so you might want to try going gluten free. 

                                                        gluten can cause puffy eyes

5. Quite Smoking. Do we even need to cover why?! Smoking definitely has been proven to not only cause cancer but also causes inflammation all over the body and destroys the lungs. And what does inflammation do? You guessed it, causes the body to swell from the inside out and it is also responsible for many diseases. For help on quitting visit here: https://smokefree.gov/ 

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6. Alcohol in moderation Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol. One of the biggest factors of puffy eyes, and bags under eyes, besides the hereditary factor. We all know alcohol causes dehydration and thus our body attempts to store water. In many cases, it is first seen in our eyes, since the skin there is so thin and light picks up on any puffiness at all - especially fluorescent light - ugh! it should be illegal in offices. lol. So, 2-3 glasses a couple nights a week, great!! One glass five nights a week, great!! Any more than that, and you are asking for puffy eyes and ill health. On a further note, once eye puffiness from drinking has appeared, it takes time and good eating/drinking habits to get those beauties back. 

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7. Red meat in moderation, Processed Meat and Chicken. Red meat and Chicken that is not organic and free range - both these should be avoided as much as possible. Processed meat contains lots of sodium and processed meat has been linked to cancer, so try to limit them. Besides the inhumane conditions that chicken are treated (that is a whole different story) what they are fed (Mostly, Genetically Engineered food) including hormones and steroids) and the living conditions are a breeding area for disease. Red meat causes inflammation and we all now know, inflammation is a number one cause of many many types of diseases. Feel free to read more here https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/07/23/cheap-factory-farmed-chicken.aspx 


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8. Fish - Winner! Fish, especially high Omega 3 Fatty Fish Like, Salmon is great for your skin and heart. It has been proven to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation and even help people lose weight. It also helps reduce risk of heart disease, strokes, Asthma and diabetes. It also lowers depression and aids in healthy brain function. Fish has many other nutrients and benefits however the main one and how it relates to puffy eyes is that it helps reduce inflammation. You should try to buy wild fish, organic fish, or fish that is farmed in a sustainable and clean way and eat it 3-5 times a week. 

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9. Fruits and Vegetables.  Same as when you were a child you should aim to get 3-5 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday. Organic is even better, but we all know how expensive that can be. The darker the green the better, the darker the red the better and of course you can't forget the blues. Tomatoes, Strawberries, Oranges, Cherries, blueberries, Spinach, Kale are good for reducing inflammation and swelling. 

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10. Eye Surgery "blepharoplasty" if nothing else works, then this is the path you should look into, but only if you have tried everything and I mean everything else. 

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11. Allergies can be a contributor to under eye puffiness and bags under the eyes, so I would look purchasing an over the counter allergy pill, like Allegra or Claritan as well as a nasal allergy relief, like Flonase. These can help reduce puffiness, swelling and inflammation if you have allergies. 

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12. Sleep on your back - if puffiness is mainly on one side of your face, then try to sleep on the other side or on your back so fluid doesn't gravitate to the already swollen eye and cause even more fluid retention. 

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13. Skin treatments can sometimes reduce puffy eyes and bags under eyes at least temporarily including laser resurfacing, chemical peels and fillers. With fillers, I would opt on the side of caution since too much can cause havoc on your looks. 

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14. Juice daily and drink Tea! One of the best ways to get your fruits and vege servings. We love juicing and with so many combinations you can switch it up daily. To help with Puffy eyes, I would make sure to include cucumbers, celery, lemon. kale or spinach, apples and ginger. Drinking herbal teas is also good, especially green tea as it contains a lot of anti-oxidants. 

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15. Multi-vitamins Choose the multivitamin of your choice and take daily with food. 

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16. Epsom Salt Baths - Buy some Epsom salts and get ready for a nice soothing soak! I prefer the Lavender scented Epsom Salts. Epsom salts are good for tired, sore muscles as well as reducing swelling. Why?! Epsom salt is a magnesium sulfate compound and has anti-inflammatory properties. So throw in some salt, grab your favorite magazine and soak for about 15-20 minutes. 

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17. Retinol Face/Eye cream helps to reduce eye bags and under eye puffiness however it will not cure it alone and as such we recommend adding it to your daily routine along with the other items in the list. Our favorite Retinol face cream can be found here - it contains more than 400,000 IU's of Retinol.

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18. Anti Swelling & Anti-Inflammatory Supplements. Cure Swelling from the inside out. SwellNoMore.com While there are many on the market, yes we think, no we know, ours in the best. Why? Because 1. its proven and 2. it contains 17 natural ingredients, not just one or two and 3. It is Doctor Recommended. In fact, SwellNoMore was created for Puffy eyes/Bags Under Eyes and then we began to get testimonials that it was also helping people struggling with other puffy and swollen body parts. including edema sufferers. It is a true Herbal remedy miracle for many people. And while, it does not work for everyone, as it really depends on how your body responds, it does work for many many people and we are so happy we have a product that is transforming lives. And if for any reason, it doesn't work for you it has a 60 day money back guaranty : ) 

swellnomore reduces puffy eyes naturally-dietary supplementGet results faster and use the "Secret to the Stars" which is SwellNoMore, the #1 Natural Dietary Supplement formulated specifically to reduce puffy eyes. SwellNoMore quickly draws out retained fluids and reduces tissue inflammation of the body including swelling experienced around the eyes and face. It is doctor trusted and guaranteed to work, sometimes results can be seen within 1-3 days other times it might take longer depending on the reason for the puffy eyes. Visit swellnomore.com and say goodbye to puffy eyes for good. We all deserve to feel and look our best, always. Don't let puffy eyes stop you from feeling your best. Try it risk free today!

Additional Information About Puffy Eyes

One of the main causes of puffy eyes is aging. The skin under your eyes is extremely thin, which increases the problem of swelling that occurs as you grow older. Over time, the tissue in your eyelids can weaken. This can cause fat in your upper eyelid to descend, coming to rest in your lower eyelid. Fluid may also be more likely to get trapped in your lower eyelid, and this retention is known as edema. The thin skin around your eyelids can cause fluid build up to be very prominent, resulting in puffy eyes. Thanks to a revolutionary discovery of all-natural water pills that SwellNoMore has developed over the years, you can find relief and support from this problem.

SwellNoMore is the most widely-known and trusted company to specialize in reducing the appearance of puffy eyes. It also offers several other types of water retention remedies that can allow you to look and feel more energetic, healthy and youthful. Edema, which is swelling caused by your body’s inability to properly expel itself of excess water, is one of the main reasons swelling and puffiness occurs. By taking advantage of our amazing all-natural water pills, you can rid yourself of water weight and enjoy the healthful benefits of doing so.

Our safe and effective water pills are comprised of all-natural ingredients found in plants, fruits and vegetables, allowing you peace of mind when you decide to try our product. Ten of the ingredients we’ve developed and placed in our pills have been proven to rapidly release the excess fluids that gather around the eyes, feet, ankles and legs. These ingredients have also been shown to cleanse several organs, like the kidneys and urinary tract, which may prevent infections. Many other natural ingredients found in our product have been shown to fight inflammation further.

Bromelain, which is an enzyme found in pineapple, has a positive effect on reducing inflammation throughout your body, and can also assist in fighting bloating and puffiness. Another one of our remarkable ingredients is known as quercetin, which is a type of antioxidant that is naturally found in plant foods like leafy greens, tomatoes, berries and broccoli. This has been proven to bring longevity, heart health and better endurance to those who take it, and it has been linked to preventing certain cancers from developing within the body. These are just a few examples of the super-food ingredients our water pills stem from.

More Facts About How SwellNoMore Can Reduce Puffy Eyes

Puffy or swollen eyes are caused by fluid retention, stress, allergies, hormone changes and other factors. Other times, we get puffy eyes after sleeping. This can be caused by too much sodium in the diet, which causes water retention. Choosing under-eye serums, gels and creams are not an effective way of combating this type of condition, as they offer only temporary solutions for puffy eyes. As soon as you discontinue use, there are no lingering effects regarding this type of treatment, so you’re back where you started. You’ve also wasted a lot of time and money. The experts at SwellNoMore have developed an all-natural water pill that has been proven to be a highly effective method in treating puffy eyes.

At Swell No More, we have finally developed a solid solution for reducing puffy eyes and bringing about several other beneficial results. Puffiness under the eyes is a common symptom of allergies, lack of sleep, stress and poor diet. Your eyes will become puffy when the skin around them becomes irritated or itchy. People who consume large amounts of alcohol and sodium before bed may also wake up with puffy eyes due to water retention. Stress may cause your skin and eyes, along with other parts of your body, to weaken and become susceptible to problems like swelling.

The all-natural ingredients found within our amazingly effective water pills (also know as an edema supplements or a natural diuretics) are herbs, antioxidants and other items comprised of plants, fruits and vegetables. Corn silk is found in our product and is used as a medicine around the world. Corn silk is used for treating bladder infections, inflammation of the urinary system and prostate, kidney stones and bed-wetting. It is also used to treat congestive heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue and high cholesterol.

The compounds of hydrangea root (also a key ingredient in our product) have been used to treat autoimmune diseases like arthritis. It is used to kill parasites, as a diuretic and blood cleanser, and to remove calcification to treat bladder and kidney stones. Hydrangea root has also been used in traditional medicine to remove calcium stones in the bladder and kidneys and remove calcification in soft tissue. Decalcification of soft tissue is important because it allows beneficial components to enter and clean cells of viruses and other harmful substances.

Edema Supplements And How To Cure Edema or Swelling of The Legs, Ankles and Feet

The best way to cure Edema is from within since it is the body's way of telling you that something is wrong. Edema Supplements can come in a wide variety. Essentially Edema Supplements, natural diuretic and Water Pills are similar in nature, although they vary by ingredients. I generally would say you want to find natural supplements that have Corn Silk, Turmeric, Quercetin, Bromelain, Juniper Berry and Uva Ursi, although the more ingredients, the better the supplement is what I have found to reduce Swelling and edema of the body. If you want to learn more about reducing swelling from edema fast and naturally. Read out other article here.

A big factor with Edema and Swelling is Gravity. As you get older Gravity makes it harder for your body to circulate the blood, so standing or sitting for long periods of time could increase the likelihood of swelling

Whatever method you choose, equally important as well, is eating healthy, working out and avoiding foods with high sodium content. 

If you would like some additional information regarding our proven water pill and its ability to reduce puffy eyes, SwellNoMore would like to invite you to visit the web site. At swellnomore.com, you can learn more about all the healthy benefits that come with trying our product. If you order today, you’ll enjoy free shipping, along with our solid guarantee (that comes with all our water pills).

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