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Swollen Puffy Eyes: Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatments



I’m going to share with you my story of trying to get rid of my swollen eyes for over 5 years.  My name is Donna and I’m a model and trying to become an actress.  I suffer from a mild case of edema which causes fluids to build up around my eyes and face, as well as my hands and feet.  The result is quite unattractive and I’ve been to countless doctors, dietitians and nutritionists to try to find a solution.  It seems that everyone is an expert until you follow their instructions and are left with bad advice. However, I am going to tell you how to reduce puffy eyes and bags under eyes nearly overnight, although for some people it might take longer. 

I’ve been instructed to try compression with cold spoons to get rid of swollen puffy eyes. I also tried to soak tea bags on my eyes, and of course chilled cucumbers on the eyes.  None of these had any effect on my swollen eyes whatsoever.  I was also told to drink 10 glasses of water each day. This actually does help slightly, but it certainly wasn’t a real solution. 

One of my doctors prescribed pharmaceuticals that are powerful natural diuretics to get rid of bags under my eyes.  They did work initially for around two months, but I started to get really drowsy and they caused damage to my liver.  This in turn caused my edema to increase.  So now I found myself worse off than before seeing any of these so-called experts.

I tried cutting my glutens, and lowered my salt and sugar intake.  This helped but for some reason I still experienced swollen eyes and a swollen face, as well as swollen feet and ankles.  So I researched the problem on YouTube, and found a yoga expert that professes that doing certain yoga routines can help rid my body of retained fluids.  So I followed her yoga videos for over one month.  I’m not really sure if they had any positive effect on my puffiness, but I will say I did feel better. 

Having said that I would go to photo shoots and I would go to auditions and still I would find myself with swollen eyes and a swollen face which is a kiss of death to both a model and actress.  This was not only affecting my social life, and my dating prospects but was jeopardizing my future prospects as a model and actress. While I was on a photo shoot in Barbados one of the photographers on set suggested I try a natural dietary supplement that he recommends to other models.  It’s supposed to reduce retained fluids and also reduce inflammation.  I thought after 10 years I have nothing to lose and so I purchased a bottle online.  Within three days my swollen eyes were completely gone, and I noticed the swelling was gone in my hands, feet and my ankles.  That was over six months ago and I take this product religiously every day. 

It’s called Swellnomore, it’s natural and I can tell you that it absolutely works wonders.  My doctor looked at the ingredients and now recommends it to his other patients. Their website is

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I have written this article because I’m sure there are so many people who are just like me being given bad advice, wrong prescriptions and urban myth blogs and YouTube videos with no results whatsoever.  Since I started taking SwellNoMore Pills I am now seeing its popularity growing throughout the modeling and acting industries.  I’m happy to pass this message on because the product is natural and the people that work there were incredibly friendly and helpful to me. I hope this blog helps others who suffer with swollen eyes.

Best regards, Donna