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Most people experience water retention from time to time. Water retention, also called edema or fluid retention, occurs when fluid is not optimally removed from the circulatory system, tissues or cavities of the body. There are different levels of water retention, ranging from a simple nuisance too severe illness in critical cases. No matter what level of severity it is always recommended that water retention be diagnosed and remedied. This article provides simple natural remedies you can follow.

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What Causes Edema?

There are several reasons for water retention, including pregnancy, hormones and even long plane rides. However, the most common cause is the foods we eat. The American diet is high in sodium, refined sugars, and other highly processed foods which trigger inflammation and retention of fluids.

What Are the Symptoms of Edema?

Water retention often causes swelling of the hands, legs, ankles and feet as well as bloating in the face and a bloated stomach. This can be unattractive and often painful, particularly swollen ankles and swollen feet.

How to Get Rid of Water Retention?

While it would be ideal to eliminate the foods that cause edema, many find this virtually impossible. Therefore, in this article we are going to focus on the best natural diuretics and effective natural water pills that are recommended. All diuretics mentioned are safe and natural and are proven based on scientific research and studies. We also recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, exercise regularly and try to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night.  

The Top Natural Diuretics

Several of our recommended natural diuretics have been consumed and studied for centuries, providing comprehensive research on the causes of edema and the effects these natural diuretics have on water retention.

1. Corn Silk

Corn Silk is one of the leading natural diuretics to help reduce edema by enhancing urine output. Corn silk is also used for treating disorders of the genitourinary tract and bladder infections.

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2. Hydrangea Root

Hydrangea Root has been used as medicines by the Chinese and Native Americans for centuries. It reduces water retention while also cleansing the urinary tract and kidneys.

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3. Uva Ursi Leaf

Uva Ursi Leaf, one of several related species referred to as bearberry, is a powerful natural diuretic which increases urine output and water retention, and is also used for urinary tract infections.


4. Parsley Extract

Parsley Extract is an aquaretic which reduces edema while retaining important electrolytes. Parsley is also filled with vitamins and minerals and has been used to lower blood pressure, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.


5. Dandelion

Dandelion contains taraxacum officinale leaf extract which helps. It is also high in antioxidants and reduces inflammation.

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6. Juniper Berry

Juniper Berry stimulates the kidneys and bladder which helps reduce water retention. It also releases insulin from the pancreas, alleviating hunger and is used as a treatment for diet controlled diabetes.

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7. Buchu Leaf

Buchu Leaf Extract stimulates the urinary system reducing water retention. It also cleanses the bladder, urethra, prostate and kidney.

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8. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 from Pyridoxine HCl helps reduce edema and bloating.

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9. Green Tea Leaf

Green Tea Leaf is an antioxidant that enhances excretion of urine thereby lowering retained fluids.

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Green Tea

The good news is that these powerful natural diuretics are highly effective at reducing water retention and edema. These proven ingredients are all backed by scientific research and studies. The problem is that many of them are not foods found in the common American diet. Furthermore, the concentrations required to have the diuretic effects would prove not very appetizing.  

What Are the Best Natural Water Pills?

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Fortunately there are natural water pills available which combined these powerful and proven natural diuretic ingredients as well as powerful natural anti inflammatories that act together to reduce water retention, edema, and harmful inflammation throughout the body. These dietary supplements are called SwellNoMore and they are doctor trusted since 2011. You can purchase them at swell no more. SwellNoMore contains the best natural diuretic ingredients and are the #1 natural water pills available. You will see dramatic results within 1-3 days, 100% guaranteed.

Tips for Finding the Best Water Pill on the Market

Tip #1: Don’t take the word of a company or believe their claims without first doing your own research into the company and their products. Today’s marketing makes it easy for companies to make claims they have no way of backing up, and they usually don’t have to since marketing is really all that is necessary to sell a product. We invite you to see for yourself why Swell No More offers the best water pill available. Don’t take our word for it; visit the website and click on the ‘Research & Ingredients’ link to learn more.

Tip #2: Find out what’s in it. This is a must. Not knowing what’s in the product you’re taking is a huge mistake, especially for anyone taking prescription medications. Swell No More’s supplement for relieving water retention, inflammation and swelling is created using 17 natural ingredients that promote proper response to issues that cause swelling. Swell No More contains: turmeric, bromelain, quercetin, piperine, corn silk, hydrangea root, green tea leaf, uva ursi leaf, parsley extract, dandelion, juniper berry extract, ginger, rutin, bucha leaf, magnesium citrate, and vitamin B6.

Tip #3: Find references online to attest to the quality of the product. A company that makes a claim should be able to back up their success with a lot of proof. Read through some of the customer success stories on the website and discover why thousands of happy customers take Swell No More every day, and how it has dramatically changed their lives. Repeat purchase ratings on Swell No More are outstanding. You can learn more about the product on the website by visiting the Swell No More blog library that is filled with informative articles and information.

Tip #4: Spend some time researching the company behind the product. One that has been around for a while and offers proof they’ve been meeting the needs of customers for more than a month or so is worth checking into. Steer clear of fly-by-night companies that are cropping up on the web, hoping to sell a large amount of product and then move on to something else.

SwellNoMore is made in the US under strict FDA inspected guidelines in a registered manufacturing facility for the safety of their customers. Only the finest, premium ingredients are used in the making of Swell No More. The company claims they offer the best water pill available in today’s market and backs up their promise with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Don’t take chances with your water pill. Read the back label of the product you’re currently taking and compare its ingredients with that of Swell No More. We’re certain you’ll find an all-natural product to be much more effective in reducing swelling than any other water pill you find online or on store shelves. Swell No More reduces swelling of the face, eyes, feet, ankles and legs. This blog is another great place on how to relieve swollen feet.

Common Mistakes Consumers Make When Choosing Natural Diuretics

If you’re looking into a natural supplement to relieve water retention or inflammation, you have probably already heard the often-cited advice to take something natural. The problem here is that practically anything can be considered natural. In fact, one of the biggest marketing ploys used today is to label a product as being natural when in many cases, their ingredients are anything but natural. Before you purchase a water pill, make note of some of the most common mistakes often made that can result in a total waste of money.

Mistake #1: Not reading the ingredients label - ‘All-natural’ often means that a portion of the ingredients in a supplement are naturally-sourced or contain some form of natural product. That’s just not good enough when you’re looking at a product you’ll be putting in your body. SwellNoMore contains 17 natural ingredients, as indicated on the product label. Compare the ingredients in SwellNoMore with any other product on the market, and you’ll find it contains more natural ingredients for effective and safer use. SwellNoMore contains turmeric, bromelain, quercetin, piperin, corn silk, green tea leaf and a host of other natural extracts and herbs.

Mistake #2: Thinking that natural means safe - There are countless products found in nature that are anything but safe. The determining factor is whether a product has been properly researched and is made available in a safe dose. The ingredients found in SwellNoMore are ones that have been proven to be effective for hundreds of years. Ten of the ingredients focus on optimizing water balance, while the other seven relieve tissue inflammation. Together, all the natural products in SwellNoMore combine to become one of the most powerful natural diuretics available today.

Mistake #3: Not choosing a product that offers clear directions on how to take it - Diuretics are powerful supplements and must be taken responsibly for the health and well-being of the body. The medical industry warns of taking water pills without following a safe plan that ensures your body retains the right balance of electrolytes and maintains a high enough balance of water in the body to keep organs functioning optimally. Harsh diuretics can cause problems with both these delicate balances. SwellNoMore is a science-based supplement that must be taken as directed on the label like all other natural diuretics.

Mistake #4: Paying too much for natural diuretics - It’s important to cost compare when it comes to any product. Check into two or three products before making a purchase to ensure you’re not overspending. You can place an order for a one-month supply of SwellNoMore over the website and get free shipping on your order. Your purchase of a three-month supply will save you even more. SwellNoMore comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee for your protection.

Many people who are having trouble ridding their bodies of water build-up use diuretics to regulate the amount of water the body stores over the years. This excess fluid can leave you feeling bloated, and certain parts of your body are more likely to retain these fluids. For example, your ankles, hands and feet may begin to show signs of swelling, which is usually caused by your body retaining too much water. Fortunately, the experts at SwellNoMore have developed the number-one rated and most trusted natural water pills available on today’s market, and you can order your supplies today with our money-saving promotions.

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Also known as a diuretic, a water pill is medication that brings about diuresis, which is the need to urinate. Because almost two-thirds of your body is comprised of water, taking water pills can help you lose weight quickly and reduce bloating due to your diet or medical condition. Water pills are available by means of a prescription, or they can be obtained over the counter. Now, you can get the world’s leading all-natural water pills exclusively through our web site at We will show you just how simple and easy it is to achieve the results you’ve been looking for safely and quickly.

SwellNoMore is the number-one rated California-based company responsible for developing the leading, all-natural water pill shown to be substantially effective in removing excess water from your body. When the body cannot alleviate itself from the build-up of fluid that causes excessive bloat, swelling and puffiness, it can lead to a list of medical conditions that can worsen over time. Such conditions include inflammation, weight gain, fatigue and loss of stamina or endurance.

Diuretics are used to treat conditions like heart failure, abnormal water retention, kidney disorders, diabetes, osteoporosis and polycystic ovary disease. If you follow the directions of your all-natural water pills, taking them can reduce swelling and other unpleasant symptoms while helping to maintain healthy water levels in your body. You may also need to make some other lifestyle changes, including reducing your daily sodium intake, as sodium can also increase water retention. Diuretics are used not only for kidney stones, but for several other conditions, like heart issues. This means that by decreasing the level of fluid in your body, diuretics ease up the situation for the heart, and this type of medication’s effects appear almost instantly.

SwellNoMore is the leading provider of the world’s most reliable and proven natural water pills that can change the way you look and feel. Retaining water is not only a problem that can make you appear to be overweight or older than you are – it can also have devastating effects on your overall health, causing a series of issues that can be dangerous if unaddressed. Now, thanks to a medical breakthrough that our team has researched and developed over a five-year period, we can show you how safely and easily you can increase your quality of life.

There are several health issues that can be attributed to the retention of fluids within one’s body like hypertension. Diuretics reduce the amount of sodium that is present in the bloodstream, which causes high blood pressure. Because water pills also increase the output of urine, they allow the kidneys to filter out more salt from your system. Diuretics have also been shown to have a positive effect on treating heart failure, edema and kidney stones, along with several other health issues you may be experiencing.

Our unique and amazing & best water pills can offer astonishing results that you may have never thought possible. Because they contain all-natural ingredients, you can take them safely and confidently for as long as you need. Our product contains several healthy and natural ingredients that have been shown to reduce the unwanted puffiness your body may show, especially around the eyes, belly, feet and ankles. You can find ingredients within our pills that have been derived from natural plants and vegetables like turmeric, which is a natural herb that fights inflammatory conditions in your body. If you want to learn more about curing edema fast and naturally check out our other article here.

If you would like some additional information regarding the stunning benefits of our all-natural water pills, SwellNoMore would like to invite you to visit its web site. At SwellNoMore, you can learn more about our one-of-a-kind water pills and how they can increase your health, while allowing your body to release the excess water it may be retaining. When you place your order during this time, you will enjoy free shipping and our full guarantee. You can also simply call us at 877-875-4216 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members.


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