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I’m a golfer and have been playing the sport for over 40 years, sometimes 7 or 8 times a week. When I was young I was semi-pro and even considered going professional. My biggest issues had nothing to do with my ability to walk around the course. Back then my concerns were hooking the ball, short putting, and of course beating anyone I played.

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Fast forward forty years and my body has started to change. Over the past six or seven years I started to experience swelling in my ankles and feet. I’ve had my swollen ankles and feet checked by doctors, and it seems each of them has given me different advice. So I’m going to share with you my experience over the past five are six years and what I finally discovered which has got me back on my feet and golfing five or six times a week. If you experience ankle swelling occasionally or even acute ankle swelling it might work for you as well. Swelling in my ankles and feet was caused by called edema. Edema is quite common as we get older, and it’s caused by the water retention. In fact my wife also experiences edema from time to time, as she gets puffy eyes and a puffy face. I am told that edema itself is not harmful, but it is quite uncomfortable and in fact can become painful when my feet or ankle's swell too much.

Recommendations by My Doctors


My first doctor told me to exercise more. He put me on a rigorous exercise routine which also included a treadmill. As you can imagine this was the worst thing that could possibly do and this increased the swelling in my ankles and feet. However I did take up yoga and this did seem to help released some of the water retention. There are specific yoga routines which focus on reducing edema and getting rid of retained fluids. This helped my swollen feet and my wife's swollen eyes. Just visit YouTube and search the term yoga with "home remedies for swollen feet via yoga", and you will find lots of instructional videos. This reduced my ankle swelling a little bit. 

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I was also advised to elevate my legs when resting. Logically this seems to make sense as the fluids are pulled down by gravity. But the fact of the matter is I think this is complete nonsense. It certainly is not a true solution. My feet felt better for a short period, but the swelling was back as soon as I stood up.

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I have tried a compression socks to reduce my feet and ankle swelling. They are socks with strong elastics which compress your ankles and feet to push the fluids up the legs. I actually find these a bit painful to wear, and they only have limited effect if any at all. I understand they reduce Swollen feet on plane rides or long periods of sitting. Again, I would not consider compression socks a try remedy for swollen ankles or feet.

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Of course I was advised to drink plenty of water. I've always been one to drink water on a regular basis, but now I’m drinking 8 to 10 full 8 ounces glasses of water a day. I actually noticed an improvement, as edema can be made worse by dehydration. Furthermore, consumption of water is helpful for your internal organs and overall well being. Hydration is very important to reduce leg and ankle swelling. Avoiding too much alcohol is also very important as that increases dehydration, causing your body to store more fluids. 

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Soak in Salts

I've tried soaking my swollen ankles and feet in the Epsom salts. You simply take a bath in very warm water while adding a few cups of Epsom salt or sea salt to soak your body. Some also recommend you add essential oils, such as lavender and eucalyptus. These feel good and are soothing but are not really a solution to the problem. I find the next day I still have swollen feet and swollen ankles.

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Edema Causes

Edema can be caused by many things, an unhealthy diet, too much sodium and too much alcohol. Some more serious causes of Edema include heart failurecirrhosis of the liverkidney failure, kidney damage, premenstrual syndrome and preeclampsia (a harmful condition in late pregnancy), vein damage, Lymphatic system damage and protein deficiency damage. Some medications can also cause damage including, High blood pressure medications, Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Steroid drugs, Estrogens and Certain diabetes medications called thiazolidinediones. So it is important  to get  Edema diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.


So having tried all of these natural home remedies to reduce leg and ankle swelling, I was prescribed some pharmaceuticals to reduce water retention by one of my doctors. I’ve always been somewhat of a naturalist and have always avoided taking prescription drugs. But the pain was getting severe and so I really had no choice. Within four weeks of taking these drugs I started feeling really drowsy and my wife noticed differences in my behavior. They did have some effect on the swelling but the side effects just weren't worth it.

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One day when we were at the golf club getting ready to start our set I spoke to the golf pro about my swollen feet. He recommended I try a natural dietary supplement that he recommends to all of the members who have my problem, which is a lot. It’s called SwellNoMore and it reduces water retention, swelling and also reduces inflammation. But importantly it is natural with no side effects. I bought it online and within three days my swollen feet and ankles had completely disappeared and the pain was gone. My wife tried it but she actually didnt see effects until about after 30 days. I couldn't believe I had gone through four doctors as well as dozens of blogs and online research and it took my golf pro to prescribe this solution. I am so thankful I ran into him that day. The product not only relieves my swollen feet and swollen ankles, but it also contains antioxidants and other healthful ingredients that seem to give me more energy.

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Some Technical Facts About Swollen Feet and SwellNoMore

Swollen ankles and feet are common conditions, and it isn't always an actual causes for concern, particularly if you have been standing or walking a lot, but feet and ankles that stay swollen or are paired with other symptoms could signal a serious health problem. It’s never a good sign when your body retains too much fluid, and some of the reasons for this can be quite serious and could even affect you overall health so its always good and important to get checked out by a Doctor to make sure everything is okay. Although there are several unproven remedies for swollen ankles, they are usually only short-term solutions for the problem that end up wasting your time and money. The experts at SwellNoMore have developed an all-natural water pill that can ease your swelling and get you on the road to better health, at least it did for me and I hope you find a solution for yourself as well. 

SwellNoMore is the number-one rated California-based company that offers unique and amazingly effective alternative remedies for swollen ankles and swollen feet, along with other features that can provide you with a higher sense of well-being and health. The all-natural water pills are manufactured right in the U.S. at a one-of-a-kind facility.. Products are shipped worldwide, and all the products come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This kind of customer service is one of the reasons you can order SwellNoMore risk free

Their safe and effective all-natural water pills took doctors over five years to develop and then perfect. It does a lot more than relieve ankle swelling, puffiness and bloating but I dont remember what else it is good for but it has a lot of good ingredients. This beneficial, dietary supplement ships to customers worldwide and is manufactured in a GMP Facility in New York. They also have several testimonials, quotes and before-and-after pictures that  clients have shared.

The all-natural ingredients included in the product come from super foods based around plants, fruits and vegetables. Many of the antioxidants and flavonoids present in the natural pills can also be found in things like radishes, berries, roots and leaves. This is the most effective and natural solution for ridding your body of excess fluid.

If you would like some additional information regarding remedies for swollen ankles or other parts of your body, SwellNoMore would like to invite you to check out the web site. At swellnomore.com, you can learn more about the methods and solutions that help to reduce body swelling naturally. It also helps with puffy eyes as that also can be caused by fluid retention under the eyes.

My wife asked that I write this story so it might help others who were suffering from swollen feet and ankles as I was. The folks at swellnomore were delighted and agreed to post my story and add some technical jargon. I bought the product at www.swellnomore.com. I hope you found this article useful and you too can get rid of your swollen feet and swollen ankles.

Happy golfing! Jack Ternary