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Does Alcohol Cause Puffy Eyes ?!

Does Alcohol Cause Puffy Eyes ?!


When you are young Alcohol doesn’t seem to have the same effects its starts to have as you get older. The wrinkles begin to show, the hangovers get worse, the skin looks dry and dehydrated and you may even notice for the first time in your life, puffy eyes. Puffy eyes aren’t such a bad thing, unless of course you are under bad lighting and then….dun, dun, dun. They are awful!! Not only do they look bad, puffy eyes is a way that your body is telling you, you have over-consumed and are dehydrated, so much so, that your body starts retaining water in unusual places, like your eyes. The best way to get rid of those puffy eyes, is to avoid alcohol. That being said, no one wants a boring life and if you enjoy a cocktail or two, you should be able to have a cocktail or two without ruining your looks. They key – moderation 😊 Click here If you want even more information on how to cure puffy eyes 


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Here are 18 hacks to keep in mind if you don’t want to wake up with those dreaded hungover puffy eyes. 


  1. Drink water in between drinks—hyyyydrratteeeee.water drop by parminder singh on 500px
  2. Try and limit your drinks to 2-3

  3. Take an allergy or antihistamine if you know you are going to drink, and you are prone to allergies. Alcohol contains histamines which can make your allergies even worse and your eyes even more puffy. Personally, I recommend Allegra and Flonase. Sometimes, I also use Allaway eye drops which contains anti-histamines as well.The truth is that natural antihistamine supplements can work MUCH better for people who suffer from allergies

  4. Eat foods that fight histamines such as kiwi, berries, pineapple, onions, parsley and peppers. Pineapple Fajitas anyone?! Don’t forget the margarita! Avoid soups high in sodium!

  5. You can never go wrong with fish as a protein – especially Salmon since it is so full of Omega 3’s which fight inflammation.10-proven-health-benefits-of-omega-3 #omega3 #fish #oil #health #benefits

  6. Take off your makeup before bed since it can cause itchy eyes and cause bacteria to build up.

  7. Put on a good moisturizer!! And an eye cream!! Face creams with caffeine, chamomile or cucumber is always good to help reduce puffy eyes.

  8. Sleep with your head propped up (if possible) so fluid does not pool under your eyes.cure puffy eyes swellnomore

  9. Drink a large glass of water before you go to bed.

  10. When you wake up drink a green smoothie (veggies and fruits so it is full of minerals and vitamins) with your breakfast, this will helps replenish your body of what it is lacking. Don’t forget the banana it helps you lose extra fluids.reduce puffy eyes fast

  11. Try and avoid bad lighting the next day if your eyes are puffy – if you are hungover, you don’t want to feel any worse. If you work in an office and you have a bright fluorescent light above you, I would have the technician turn it off, chances are the office is bright enough without it, just tell them it is giving you a stress headache. ; )

  12. Take a multivitamin the next day with food and hydrate!!Here is a list of essential vitamins and minerals along with the foods they can be found in. If your daily diet is rich in these foods, you won’t have to remember to take a multivitamin as part of your daily routine.

  13. Put on a sheet mask!! and maybe some under eye gel pads - hydrate that face!how to cure puffy eyes fast

  14. Carry water with you wherever you go the next day to stay hydrated.

  15. Soak in an Epsom Salt bubble bath the following evening to expel all the toxins.Image result for epsom salt

  16. Try to not drink more than one night a week if you tend to overindulge. If you have only a glass, or two then two nights a week is sufficient, especially if you want to keep off the pounds.

  17. Drink lots of Green tea and Herbal Detox teas throughout the week. 
  18. If you want a kick start on losing the puffy eyes, then order an Anti-Inflammatory Diuretic (well talk about why later) like SwellNoMore. The makers of SwellNoMore, actually created the supplement specifically for puffy eyes, but it also helps with other types of swelling and water retention like bloating, swollen legs, swollen feet and edema swelling.SwellNoMore cure puffy eyes fast and naturally

Why is it a good idea to use an Anti-Inflammatory Diuretic to reduce puffy eyes? Alcohol actually decreases an anti-diuretic hormone that is in your body which is another reason your body begins to retain water. Diuretics rid the body of extra fluid and extra salt so by taking a diuretic you can help alleviate the water retention and puffy eyes. Again, just make sure you are drinking plenty of water as you need to keep you body hydrated. There are prescription diuretics and natural diuretics like SwellNoMore. It is always best to try natural solutions before going on prescriptions or looking into surgery for your puffy eyes. As you body begins to hydrate and your anti-diuretic hormone levels come back to normal, your puffy eyes should slowly return to normal. Don't want to wait?! Want to get rid of puffy eyes fast or have you been struggling to get rid of puffy eyes for years?  SwellNoMore can help!!  The puffiness and under eye bags will be gone before you know it. 


The SwellNoMore Team


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