Natural Diuretic for Edema Legs, Ankles & Feet



otc edema swelling

I want to share an incredible dietary supplement that changed my life.

I used to be a semi pro golfer and played tennis every weekend. I was also an avid sailor and would go hiking all the time. But when I got into my 50s, I started to suffer from edema, causing my legs, ankles and feet to swell up quite severely. My doctor prescribed Lasix which is a pharmaceutical diuretic. It reduces swelling for the first couple of months, but I found myself always tired, and it started to causing kidney problems. I tried several other pharmaceutical diuretics, some that I can't even pronounce, and they all had similar side effects. After a couple of years of trial and error I decided to go off any Pharmaceuticals because the side effects became debilitating for me.

Around 2 years later I went in for my annual checkup and my doctor told me about a dietary supplement that his wife takes called Swellnomore. He said he couldn’t guarantee it would work for everyone, but said it really helped his wife with her edema in her legs. So, I thought I would give it ago. It took around 3 to 4 weeks to real results, but the product really reduced the swelling in my legs, ankles and feet. After around a month and a half the swelling was completely gone and I had absolutely no side effects at all. I couldn't believe it and couldn't believe it took all this time for me to find out about this safe product. I was also surprised to learn that diuretics are some of the most highly prescribed Pharmaceuticals in America causing millions of people to suffer with these severe side effects every day. So as you can understand I am a fan of this product and hope I can help others who are experiencing severe edema of the legs ankles and feet like I was. I was not paid for this testimonial  - however I have spoken to the team and were incredibly nice, knowledgeable and helpful with my questions. They did ask if I would write something and they would put it up on their site.

So go and visit and you can try them for yourself.

I really hope this helps other people suffering from edema like I did for so many years.

Best regards,

Robert J

Kansas City MO