The True Testimonial & Interview of A. Robinson: 

How To Got Rid Of Eye Bags Permanently 

A. Robinson was born and raised in the Bronx in New York City. We had the pleasure and opportunity of interviewing A. Robinson ( A. is short for his real name so we can keep his identity private) and asking him a few questions about his relationship with SwellNoMore. Mr. Robinson, is a repeat SwellNoMore Customer, and is in his late 70s. A. Robinson takes SwellNoMore daily as it keeps the swelling down in his legs, but even more profound he says, SwellNoMore got rid of his eye bags.  How long did it take? How many does he take a day? What is he up to now? Keep reading below to find out as we detail highlights from the interview below. 

Mr. Robinson’s under eye bags are gone permanently and no he did not need eye bag surgery. He takes 2 SwellNoMore a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon and he initially bought SwellNoMore to use as a under eye bags treatment. He one day asked his doctor about how to get rid of the eye bags and his doctor said surgery. Well of course Mr. Robsinson was not really up for blepharoplasty. Eventually he came across SwellNoMore on the internet and decided to give it a try. He says it worked well on his puffy eyes and swollen legs. He has no more water marks on his legs and his eyes now are flat, all the eye bags are gone. When he saw the doctor for the first time after the taking SwellNoMore to remove the puffy under eye bags, the doctors thought he did surgery and when he saw his friends, it was the same thing. To quote Mr. Robinson,“I can’t live without it”. That being said, he was pretty patient when he started taking SwellNoMore. Something we could all learn from. 

Mr. Robinson said he started to see results for his eyes after about 2 months and by month 3 the eye bags were completely reduced to flatness. He eats whatever he wants, and did not change his diet at all. He does not drink alcohol which is good since alcohol can cause puffy eyes and eye bags. He said SwellNoMore has helped remove water from his body, and has given him stronger urination, he has not had any side effects other than the stronger urination and he has been taking SwellNoMore since July 2019. 

He has used some creams that got rid of dark circles under the eye but never found any creams or serums that got removed the bags under his eyes. The only thing that worked to reduce the puffiness under his eyes was SwellNoMore.

 When asked what A. Robsonson would tell other people out there struggling with puffy eyes and or bags under eyes that are reluctant to do surgery is to “Really consider trying SwellNoMore, is doesn't interfere with any of my meds, I checked with my doctor first, and it helps with stronger urination and now I have no swelling in my legs or my eyes.” We asked Mr. Robinson what happens when he doesn't take SwellNoMore and his answer was pretty straightforward. “I dont stop taking them.” He said he tried other natural diuretics in the past, but they weakened him and that SwellNoMore truly was the best natural diuretic available. There isn’t anything out there that works like SwellNoMore. It is the only thing that can remove eye bags permanently besides the surgery option, which no one wants. "I am living proof that SwellNoMore works to remove under eye bags" says A. Robinson, who still resides in his home state of New York and works from home. "All my friends are shocked, they can't believe it, they all thought I got surgery to remove the eye bags"

We are hoping to add before and after photos of A. Robinson to this article and are waiting for Mr. Robinson to kindly provide them if he decides to do so. 

SwellNoMore is a great option if you are dealing with any kind of edema or swelling, including swollen feet, swollen legs, swollen hands, swollen ankles, bloating of the belly, puffy eyes, puffy face, bags under the eyes, or anywhere where there is fluid retention. Remember water retention can happen anywhere in the body and no matter where it is happening, it is never fun.