Turmeric for Epididymitis


Turmeric has many, many benefits. Let’s start be going over the history of Turmeric in our current civilization. Its botanical name is curcuma longa and it has been used in medicine for over 4,500 years dating back to around 2500 BC. It was used in India as Ayurvedic medicine. Ginger and garlic were also used in India in Ayurvedic medicine.


11 Benefits of Turmeric

  1. Anti-Inflammatory benefits (inflammation is the body’s response to injury or infection or thinking there is one)
  2. Helps prevent cancer as it contains powerful anti-oxidants which fight free radicals
  3. Helps to control diabetes
  4. Detoxifies the liver
  5. Boosts immunity
  6. Natural pain reliever
  7. Helps to Reduce Cholesterol
  8. Great for the skin, promotes soft, glowing skin
  9. Helps to reduce puffy eyes
  10. Heals wounds faster
  11. Controls blood pressure


11 Benefits of Turmeric



As you can see Turmeric is an important herb to ingest daily and can help in many areas of everyday life. When it comes to Turmeric for Epididymitis the benefits are endless. Turmeric reduces inflammation throughout the body including any inflammation in the pelvic region, since it also can behave as a natural analgesic or natural pain killer. Turmeric is even better absorbed with Black Pepper Extract ( aka Bioperine) since it has been proven to enhance the bioavailability of Turmeric, in other words, it is better absorbed into the circulatory system.



Turmeric for Epididymitis



Turmeric for Epididymitis



Turmeric has been proven to help men with their epididymis and prostate health such as reducing inflammation of the epididymis and size of the prostate, acting as a natural pain killer and preventing prostate cancer. Turmeric is also show to help reduce inflammation and pain in the Epididymis. The Eipididymis is the tube located at the back of the testicles that stores the sperm. When this becomes inflamed or irritated it can cause the testicles to swell and become painful.


If you have chronic Epididymitis or Prostatitis, you should definily reach out to your doctor to make sure everything is okay before trying Turmeric to relieve your Epididymitis or Prostatitis.

You can buy Turmeric from many different places including Amazon, Walmart or even your local grocery store. That being said, there are many other different herbal supplements that can help reduce inflammation and pain associated with the pelvic region as well. Combined different herbal ingredients can help to relieve chronic cases of epididymitis and prostatitis that do not respond to antibiotics.

What you want to be able to find is a supplement or combination of supplements that contain ingredients that will naturally cleanse the urinary tract which can help benefit the genital system and promote self-healing. This helps build a defense against bacteria and viruses and prevents the conditions from recurring after recovery.

Click this link to check out some other herbs that are good at cleansing the urinary tract and reducing inflammation, pain and swelling for Epididymitis and Prostatitis.


Natural Herbal Remedies for Epididymitis and Prostatitis



Corn Silk

Hydrangea Root

Green Tea Leaf

Uva Ursi Leaf

Piperine (Bioperine)

Parsley Extract

Juniper Berry




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