Food and Its Impact On The Body

Healthy eating and food impact on body

Nutrition and Disease

Healthy eating is something that impacts everyone, and something most individuals in this modern day and age can improve upon. Eating healthy can often be more difficult than individuals realize, and often leave individuals turned away from wanting to attempt to eat healthy again after a couple of tries. 

As of 2020, the US was ranked 9th in the world for life expectancy. Although Americans are expected to live longer, obesity spiked, and now impacts 31.3% of American adults. Obesity can cause issues such as swelling in areas such as the legs, face and feet. 

The impact of poor nutrition most commonly results in high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Within children, common effects from poor nutrition alongside the ones previously mentioned are diabetes and deficits in brain function. The deficits in brain function impact children up to young adults aged 25, and be detrimental to life long term. 

What is Poor Nutrition?

Poor nutrition is hard to spot for most individuals, especially when many think they have a strong healthy nutritional diet. Poor nutrition often consists of poor eating habits that can lead to obesity, diabetes, and increase risk factors for stroke, heart disease, and cancer. This usually stems from the high amounts of sodium in products sold in grocery stores all around the world. Most products sold in grocery stores do contain some nutrients, vitamins and minerals, although they are often not a lot. This is due to the process of the product having increased sodium in them to satisfy consumer tastes. 

Although food itself is not the sole cause for blame, there are many other factors that contribute to poor nutrition. Some common contributing factors include over-eating, eating foods high in sodium, not eating enough, and not eating foods with enough vitamins, minerals and proteins. Or not eating enough foods with variation in vitamins and proteins. 


Nutrition and healthy eating for adults

How Can I Improve My Nutrition?

In order to improve overall nutrition, individuals can incorporate a wider variety of foods into their diets. Small steps such as buying different fruits and vegetables, eating a variety of protein that comes from both meat and vegetables. Also including vitamins and supplements into one's diet can be very beneficial in improving one's nutrition. By adding vitamins one would not normally have in their diet, it increases health benefits and can significantly reduce risks of poor nutrition significantly. 

Nutrition can also be improved by monitoring eating habits, such as not overeating. Alongside getting at least 20 minutes of exercise a day, such as walking instead of driving, or simple home workouts can reduce swelling and inflammation naturally.  With the rise of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease in America, individuals must pay closer attention to their nutrition and ensuring they are trying to be as healthy as possible otherwise inflammation might begin to occur as well as edema or swelling. 

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