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How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

I have never written an article before. I have 3 children, Sam 2, Mazy 6 and Austin 8. I work full time as does my husband of 18 years. Yes, we met in high school and he swooped me off my feet, certainly made me believe in fairy tales. We immediately got married after high school and traveled the world on the tight budget we had. At around 34 we started having children. He never wanted kids and was very opposed to it. I was afraid to tell him I was pregnant when I first found out. Once I told him, he didn’t know how to react; it was a very quiet evening. Something must have changed that night, because he woke up and took me to the beach and dinner to celebrate. Our love has always been strong, made of steel that is reinforced so much that you really can’t tell where it begins and where it ends. It is almost like we are the same person, with only some different qualities. Mine of course, fairing on the better side.

Other Remedies for Swollen Eyes

Well about 3 years ago, I started getting swollen eyes. Not just your average puffy eye morning but eyes so swollen that it was all people would see when they looked at me. Even my husband. He never said anything, but I could just see the disappointment of my age getting to me, or whatever was causing these puffy eyes. I tried everything. I had my allergies retested (there went $380 out the window). I cut down on sodium, I even saw an eye doctor. No matter what I tried, the bags under my eyes would not go down. Even Austin would mention it and asked me why my eyes where always puffy. I went from feeling beautiful to feeling downright ugly and old. I think my husband felt the same way. He was being more distant lately and every time he looked at me I swear he was looking at the bags under my eyes, trying to figure out how to reduce them or get rid of them.

Tried Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes - Nothing Worked

I tried quitting alcohol, I tried green tea bags, ice, even coffee grounds. I was about ready to give up when I went on the computer one day to find a marketing email in my inbox that said, “SwellNoMore- A puffy eye remedy”. I was very skeptical at first that this pill would work at all, and it was a little pricey. After doing some research and discovering that SwellNoMore was natural and recommended by doctors I decided to try it. When it arrived in the mail, I took it immediately. I was eager to get rid of the bags under my eyes and to be rid of this eye puffiness for good. The first day I didn’t really notice any results. I decided to try SwellNoMore for about 2 weeks to see if it would remedy my puffy eye problem. At around day 3, I started to see results and so did my husband. He had even come up to me and asked me how I was able to get reduce my puffy eyes, I of course told him about SwellNoMore. That was all I needed. I got on the computer and immediately ordered more SwellNoMore afraid that I would wake up one day and it would be gone. It was about 7 or so days into it that I noticed the bags under my eyes were completely gone. I am happier than ever now. I still don’t know what causes my puffy eye bags, all I know is I am SO grateful they are gone.


Real Cure For Puffy Eyes - Herbal Pill 

If you are suffering from puffy eyes, or bags under the eyes, I urge you to try SwellNoMore. It worked for me, it might work for you. Their website is Unfortunately, it is probably that or surgery.  Good Luck and I hope it works for you if you are suffering from puffy eye syndrome (that is what I call it).

Donna Elizabeth Chanel

How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes | Swollen Eyes | Naturally
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